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Veracity Wealth

Authentic, Accurate, and Reliable

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Veracity Wealth is a reputable, client-centric, financial planning practice that provides authentic, accurate and reliable financial advice and services. We take pride in understanding each and every client’s personal life goals, in order to partner with them along their journey to financial security. Your personalised financial plans are developed according to your needs, and may include investments, personal and business risk insurance, group employee benefits and short-term insurance.

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  • Financial Management
  • Hands-on financial management means working together with a Veracity Wealth financial advisor, who will help you develop plans to meet your short, mid and long-term goals.

    Our financial advisors will take the time to understand your financial situation, looking at your personal spending and your cash, budget and credit management. They’ll also discuss your exact life goals and needs.

    The result is a personalised, realistic and achievable plan, that will be reviewed regularly, to manage your short and mid-term cashflow, assets and liabilities, personal financial statements, debt, asset acquisition, liabilities, education planning and emergency funds.

    Your plan will include a range of financial solutions, provided they make sense for your needs.

  • Investment Planning
  • Smart investing will allow you to both preserve and grow your wealth.

    Taking into consideration your requirements and constraints, our financial advisors will put together a smart, accurate portfolio of investment assets for you.

    We believe it is important that your investment portfolio is diversified, across a wide range of investment vehicles and asset classes, ensuring a secure strategy for managing your investments.

  • Risk Management
  • No matter how thoroughly you plan, there is always a risk that your situation could change.

    Smart risk management ensures your finances are protected in the event of unforeseeable personal setbacks.

    Our financial advisors will ensure you’re protected with personal life insurance, business insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, critical illness, property insurance and income replacement – should you be unable to work.

    As independent advisors, we work closely with various providers, ensuring we can deliver the very best solution – specifically for you.

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax is an integral part of your personal wealth flow, and needs to be considered when developing a holistic financial plan, ensuring it works in the most tax-efficient way possible.

    As part of our tax planning solution, our financial advisors will work with you to develop ways to maximise your after-tax net-worth.

    Whether you’re an individual investor, employee, or business owner, we will assist in managing your personal and corporate taxation, and international tax issues.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Planning for your retirement is essential. It ensures you’re able to fulfill your life goals, even when you’re no longer earning an income.

    At Veracity Wealth, our financial advisors are dedicated to developing strategies that allow for healthy wealth accumulation and withdrawal, in your retirement years.

    Your retirement plan will be created closely with you, taking your personal goals into consideration. It will regularly be updated as your circumstances or the market options change, allowing you a clear view of your financial future.

  • Estate Planning
  • If you are married, have children, or support people financially – it’s imperative to have a strong estate plan in place.

    As part of a full financial plan, it’s important to think about how you will preserve and distribute your accumulated assets, providing for your loved ones when you are no longer able to.

    Successful estate planning means understanding the legal, tax and financial implications, to make sure your wealth transfer is cost-effective and hassle-free.

  • Employee Benefits
  • As a business owner, it’s important to ensure your employees are able to safely retire, with enough wealth to achieve their life goals and take care of their loved ones.

    Veracity Wealth advisors can help you develop a strong, smart solution for health and pension benefits for your employees, so that they can consider their own financial future – and not only your business’s.

    Health and pension benefits are also a valuable tool to recruit and retain valuable employees in your business.