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How To Use Distance and Fuel Calculator

Step 1: Type and Select the city or suburb of origin. Do not type a street name or number. See picture below

Step 2: Select the navigation icon as seen below

Step 3: Once you select the above icon, the image or box below would appear

Sometimes, the map might appear blur or appear to be blank. If that happens, click on the minus button at the left corner to zoom out.

Once you are on the map, zoom in to the street or area of origin. simply click on the place of origin once you have identified it. and press the ok button.

Step 4: Select the “To” box and reperform step 1 to 3.

Step 5: Put in the name of the city or suburbs that would act as Intermediate Points. Note that intermediate points are only used for technicalities and are optional. If you know your car consumption rate and the speed at which you intend to travel, enter them. Again this is optional. If you don’t know, then just allow the default.

Step 6: Press the Calculate button